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UEMS Anaesthesiology Section and Board

The EBA UEMS is the Anaesthesiology Section of UEMS (European Union Medical Specialities) also working as the European Board of Anaesthesiology dealing primarily with Anaesthesia and Resuscitation, as well as Intensive Care, Emergency and Pain Medicine. Being part of UEMS it has the aims and strategies of UEMS.
The aims of the EBA UEMS are: high quality and safe healthcare (Anaesthesiology) to all EU citizens, highest level of training of Anaesthesiologists, free movement of anaesthesiologists and participation and representation in other bodies and organisations .

The Executive Committee (2012-2016)

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Dr Lennart Christiansson (Sweden)

Contact: president@eba-uems.eu
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Vice President
Dr Elisabeth van Gessel (Switzerland)

Contact: vice-president@eba-uems.eu
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Secretary/ Treasurer
Dr Carmel Abela (Malta)

Contact: secretary@eba-uems.eu

The EBA UEMS has three standing committees:

EPD - Education and Professional Development

Develops up-to-date training guidelines for Anaesthesiology training in Europe as well as the training curriculum and syllabus.

PS - Patient Safety and Quality of Care

Makes recommendations on issues relating to patient safety in Anaesthesiology in Europe.

WWW - Workforce, welfare and working conditions

Deals with issues relating to work conditions and employment of Anaesthesiologists in Europe as well as their welfare and wellbeing.